what's the difference between MEDICAL BANDAGE and MEDICAL GAUZE? 26 / 01

Medical bandages and medical gauze are widely used dressings in clinical practice. They are mainly used to bandage and treat wounds to prevent wound infection.

Medical bandages are mainly divided into gauze bandages and elastic bandages, which are mainly used to wrap wounds and prevent wound infection.

1. Cotton gauze bandage: mainly used for bandaging and fixing external wounds in hospitals and homes after applying medicine.

2. Elastic bandage: mainly used for retention bandaging of patients with varicose veins of lower limbs, orthopedics and traumatology, etc. to improve blood circulation and prevent limb swelling. It can also replace the multi-head abdominal belt after surgery and be used for pressure dressing or general wound dressing on different parts of the human body.

Things to note when purchasing and using medical bandages: They are often sold as non-sterile medical products. If a medical bandage is used on a wound, it should be isolated from the wound; when purchasing a medical bandage, you should observe the appearance of the product. Product should be white and free of yellow spots, contamination, severe weaving defects or broken.

Medical gauze refers to skim gauze: it requires high-temperature disinfection and double bleaching with chlorine and oxygen. It can be used to bandage wounds after disinfection. To purchase regular medical gauze, as long as the packaging is intact and not expired, it is safe, but be aware that any unused gauze after opening the package is considered to be contaminated with bacteria.

1. Medical gauze is made of cotton fiber spun and woven into plain cotton cloth, which is then degreased, bleached and refined to become skim gauze for medical use. Medical gauze products generally come in foldable and roll forms.

2. It is mainly used for one-time blood sucking and medicinal application in hospitals, medical offices, surgeries and home health care.

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